The Festival


The festival is owned and operated by the Queenstown JazzFest Trust, a not-for-profit organisation, registered with the charities commission,  which relies on the significant support from many organisations to make each years event possible.

We thank all our sponsors for there ongoing support and encouragement and commitment to developing a shared vision of a nationally recognised iconic festival, located in the World renowned town of Queenstown, the flag ship of New zealand toursim.

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Over a 30-year period of operating the festival, we truly understand the needs of our sponsors and will work extremely closely with you at every stage to ensure your needs are met, and wherever opportunity arises, provide added value.  We will do this through your appointed sponsor liaison, your point of contact throughout our relationship.

We believe by committing to this we all have the opportunity to plan ahead and develop considerably increased value in terms of product growth, branding, marketing, sales opportunities and community goodwill.

This year we will again build on developing more added value for our sponsors, helping to further facilitate long term relationships.  We firmly believe this will help both parties take a more strategic view of our associations and look towards not only a successful festival this year, but a growing, vibrant festival in the years to come.

Our goal is to create a family of sponsors, partners.  With each member enjoying strong synergies with Queenstown, the people and the festival, together with strong connections with each other.  We will work to match sponsors with appropriate events and activities.  Event associations will be incorporated in all festival marketing collateral and media releases relevant to that event. The relationship between sponsors, trust and the festival, needs to work both ways and to our mutual benefit to ensure maximum results are achieved for all parties.




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